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Normandy Shore: Gray or Roan
Sire: Tactical Cat
Dam: McKenna Beach
Bred by:
Born: March 25, 2005
We Adore Theodore: Gray or Roan
Sire: Najran
Dam: Scarlet Sunset
Bred by: April McCurry
Born: May 03, 2007
Gamblers Gulch: Bay
Sire: Gulch
Dam: been to the desert
Bred by: April McCurry
Born: March 18, 2009
Rhonda Star: Bay
Sire: star dabbler
Dam: rhonda rhonda
Bred by:
Born: January 28, 2008
Aranuba: Bay
Sire: Intidab
Dam: Ho Choys Princess
Bred by: April McCurry
Born: March 26, 2008

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