About foaltrack:
foaltrack is a social site for thoroughbreds and the people who love them.
Everything starts with the newborn foal. From there, foaltrack allows you to follow your favorite horses as they develop: when they enter sales, begin training, or begin winning. It's the best part of what thoroughbred racing is.
BRUSHED BAYOU was the first horse I ever bought, the first horse that ever won a race for me, my first horse to ever earn black type. She was spectacular, one of the last stakes winning Broad Brush fillys ever. After her race career ended, I looked forward to choosing her stallions, and racing her babies. In March of 2009 she gave me a lovely Unbridled's Song filly, and was bred back to Bernardini. Sadly, she suddenly died of colic in April of 2009. The filly is her only living legacy.

I dedicate this site to Brushed Bayou, and to all those people on many different horse racing internet forums who offered words of comfort. We share a collective experience, the ups and downs of this fantastic sport. To us, horses are more than athletes, more than expensive pets, more than just a business. They are family. I built this site with you in mind... the real fans, the people who enjoy the sport and love the horses.

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